February 23, 2024

The Orange Lip Trend: Are You Down?

Orange crush! using NYX Butter Lipstick in hot Tamale ($6)
Orange lips: still a huge pattern this summer, as well as because I like bold, bright lip colors, particularly in warm shades like orange, yeah…I’m completely down!

I don’t understand if it’s a pattern that a great deal of people I understand are into, though. I’ve been trying to convince the women in my life to try orange lips, however many of the time when I bring it up, they make some version of this face…


I’m using the Webbed in Turquoise pendant by Kristin Perry
Incidentally, this is the precise exact same expression I used all the time when I worked as a legal assistant back in the day. I’d have my coat on my arm as well as be halfway out the door at 5:01 p.m. when somebody in the office would undoubtedly ask me to make 500 collated copies of a file that needed to get to so-and-so ASAP, as well as I’d be like, “Suuuuuuuuure, no problem. I’d like to do that for you best NOW.”

I’ve tried to persuade my gal buddies that orange lips don’t necessarily have to be bright, strong as well as opaque, like the lip look I’m using in these pics. In these shots, I’m using a single layer of the beautiful NYX Butter Lipstick in hot Tamale (smooth as well as pigmented, no cool flavor or scent, as well as just $6!) at full strength, however you might just as quickly take it down a notch by dabbing the tube lightly on your lips to produce much more of an orange stain.

Or, you might reach for a very sheer gloss, like Chanel’s Sunny Glossimer ($29.50, as well as part of their long-term collection).


เสื้อสเวตเตอร์แมวและแต่งหน้า ??

$ 42


Wearing Chanel Glossimer in Sunny, a jelly orange

Additional makeup used in this look: that’s MAC warm spirit blush on my cheeks as well as Chanel Vert Khaki Eyeshadow as well as Santal water resistant eyeliner on my eyes
I’m curious — what do you believe of the orange lip trend? Are you into it? Or is it something you’ve skipped so far?



หน้า TGIF!


P.P.S. It’s a travel day for me, as I’m heading up north to the town of Redding near the Oregon border with El Hub to go to family.

Tabs, of course, is thrilled. He invited his preferred pet sitter to help him at the office, as well as I’m sure they’ll have a grand old time playing dress-up without me.

See you a bit later today. have a fantastic Friday!

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